Prevention of Covid and Flu

Masks in Church

HSE Advice December 2022

 The HSE’s Chief Clinical Officer has urged people to wear masks in any crowded areas, or in the company of an older person, after a “significant and worrying” rise in Covid and Flu cases in the last number of days.

The Chief Medical Officer has echoed the comments,…

Web Cameras – Recording

The cameras in both churches are set up only for the live streaming of Masses.

There is no facility for recording events in the churches.However, most mobile phones, tablets and computers have the facility to record what is being watched on the screen if people wish to record certain events.

First Holy Communion and Confirmation 2023

First Holy Communion and Confirmation 2023

We will have both First Holy Communion and Confirmation in our parish in 2023.
Thanks to those parents who have already registered their children to receive these sacraments in 2023 – details on how to do so were in a letter sent before the summer holidays.

If you…

Cemetery Mass, Kilgeever, 15 August 2022

It is planned to go ahead with the Mass on 15 August at 7.30 p.m.

Although the ‘heatwave’ has departed the forecast is good for a dry evening.

19:00                                  …

Parish Accounts 2021


Parish report to Synodal Process

Louisburgh Parish

Consultation on “Synodal Pathway”


The idea of the church following a “Synodal Pathway” was discussed at the Parish Pastoral Council meeting and ideas were sought through members meeting with individuals and by way of a questionnaire distributed through the churches in the parish.

Overall, the response was very poor.

This in itself…

Message of Pope Francis about Vocation in the Church


Called to Build the Human Family

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

At the time when the cold winds of war and oppression are blowing and when we frequently encounter signs…

Христос воскрес!  Christ is Risen Воістину воскрес!  He is truly Risen

Happy Easter    З Великоднем!

While we continue to celebrate Easter season in the Catholic church, and in most other Christian churches, Orthodox Christians begin their celebration of Easter this Sunday.

(Those interested in history might read about how Orthodox Christians still follow the old Julian calendar for their religious festivals as opposed to the Gregorian…

Consultation for the Synod

Synod Consultation – first steps

Pope Francis has set our Church on a ‘Synodal Pathway”.  A synod is a gathering, and pathway implies a journey. We are going to be journeying together for a significant time; it seems that this synodal way of doing things is going to become a permanent way of being in…

Lifting of Corona Virus Restrictions

Following the public health announcement that the two-metre physical distancing is no longer a requirement there are now no restrictions on the number of people who may attend Mass and other services in our churches.

Prevention of COVID 19;
While restrictions have been lifted the virus…