Level 5 Restrictions

Corona Virus Level 5 Restrictions:
With Level 5 restrictions no public Masses or services are allowed in our churches, with the exception for funerals and weddings.
There is a limit of 10 people permitted at funerals and from the start of January 2021 only 6 can be allowed at a wedding.

Celebrating Christmas in a Pandemic

There was a meeting of the parish Pastoral Council on Monday, 07 December, in Louisburgh church, observing public health guidelines.
The only topic on the agenda was the question of the organisation of Masses for Christmas in the parish.
After discussion about all possible options there was consensus that there is no fair,…

Guidance re Church Services from 01 December

Guidance for religious services

From Department of the Taoiseach

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Special concession for Places of Worship to…

Mass Wednesday, 11 November

Funeral Mass will be streamed from Killeen Church at 1.00 p.m.

Update to Level 5 Restrictions. 20/10/2020

The government has revised the numbers of mourners to be allowed attend funerals.
25 people may continue to attend, following all other guidelines about physical distancing and masks.

Congregations are still not permitted for Mass or services in churches with the exceptions for funerals and weddings.

25 people are allowed to be in the…

Level Five Restrictions, 19 October 2020

The imposition of level five restrictions for the corona virus pandemic on 19 October leads to a change in restrictions for funerals.
In level 5 up to 10 mourners can attend in church for a funeral, a change from the 25 who could do so in level 3.
In level five, congregations are still…

Level Three Restrictions

Level 3 restrictions for the corona virus pandemic will be imposed from Wednesday, 07 October, by the Government.
This means there will not be any public Masses or services in our churches, with the exception for funerals and weddings.
There will be a limit of 25 people allowed at funerals and weddings.

Lighting Candles in Church. Fire Safety

Due to the highly flammable nature of hand sanitiser the votive candle shrine in Louisburgh church is not in use at present. There have been reports of incidents in different places with people’s hands catching fire while lighting candles, due to the high alcohol content in most sanitisers, 60% or more to be effective in…

Celebrating Sunday Mass

Celebrating Sunday Mass          

Coming to celebrate Mass will be a very different experience from the past.

Please exercise patience and have realistic expectations.

Only very limited numbers of people will be able to attend any given Mass due to physical distancing guidelines.


  • There is no obligation on anybody…

Advisory Committee Meeting 28/07/2020

A meeting of the parish advisory committee was held in Killeen Church last night, 28 July 2020.
A check list for the framework document was discussed and it was agreed that all conditions to reopen have been fulfilled.
This includes:
-establishing & training covid 19 committee
-organising stewards and cleaners.