Eucharist – First Holy Communion


Preparation for First Holy Communion

All children will complete the parish based “Do this in Memory” programme prior to receiving their First Holy Communion. A significant part of the programme will take place at Sunday masses during the year. Parents will be advised of the specific masses to attend with their children.

“Do This in Memory” Programme Dates 2020 – 2021
(subject to change due to covid-19 restrictions)

1.1 First Holy Communion Ceremonies 2020
First Holy Communion was postponed in May due to covid-19 restrictions.

Those parents who wish their children to receive first Holy Communion this summer will be facilitated in small family groups, in keeping with physical distancing regulations, at the first of the daily Masses to be celebrated when churches re-open on 29 June.

The option is also available for parents to wait in hope of larger gatherings being allowed later in the year or to wait until next year in the hope of very changed circumstances.