Христос воскрес!  Christ is Risen Воістину воскрес!  He is truly Risen

Published on April 23, 2022

Happy Easter    З Великоднем!

While we continue to celebrate Easter season in the Catholic church, and in most other Christian churches, Orthodox Christians begin their celebration of Easter this Sunday.

(Those interested in history might read about how Orthodox Christians still follow the old Julian calendar for their religious festivals as opposed to the Gregorian calendar that we follow and that is accepted by most civil authorities in the world.)

This year, Easter is very different for many of our Orthodox brothers and sisters with the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Many innocent people have been murdered because of this unjust invasion.

Many have had to flee their homes and their home country to find refuge and safety.

We pray that this unjust war will be brought to an end and that there will be peace with justice for the people of Ukraine and that all can return to their own homes to live in peace and safety.

This Easter we pray that the risen Christ will bring them comfort, and inspire all of us to help those in need and to work for peace in our troubled world.

We pray that Christ will move the hearts and minds of those who use and justify violence to achieve their ends at the expense of the  innocent and vulnerable.

Христос воскрес!          Christ is Risen

Воістину воскрес!          He is truly Risen