Consultation for the Synod

Published on March 10, 2022

Synod Consultation – first steps

Pope Francis has set our Church on a ‘Synodal Pathway”.  A synod is a gathering, and pathway implies a journey. We are going to be journeying together for a significant time; it seems that this synodal way of doing things is going to become a permanent way of being in the Church.

We are only at the start; we are in the learning phase. We are learning how to listen well, so that we might truly understand each other. We are learning how to rely on the Spirit more than on ourselves, and we are especially learning how to dialogue so that everyone’s voice is heard. We are doing this in phases and stages and right now we are in the initial phase, the ‘Local Phase’ which is leading us towards 2023 when there will be a Universal Synod.

As part of this initial stage the Parish Pastoral Council has decided to consult as widely as possible with  people in our parish to see what you think about church, now and in the future, so we can include your voices in this process.

We know that many young people have left the church, and this is also true of many other groups who do not feel that their voice has been listened to and who do not feel welcome in our Church today. We hope to consult with all groups.

As a first step we have issued a questionnaire so everyone can have their say. Please take one from the church porch, complete it as you see fit and return it as outlined on the questionnaire.

Questionnaire Kilgeever Parish