Corona Virus : Protecting all in Society

Published on December 9, 2021

Corona Virus : Protecting all in Society

“Why are the seats in our church still roped off but in some other churches they aren’t”?

Perhaps this is the wrong question asked of the wrong people; the question should be asked elsewhere ‘why are you not adhering to current guidelines about physical distancing.’

The matter was clarified again in a recent email from the Taoiseach’s office to all dioceses.

“For clarity following the updated Covid guidance, Religious Services in Places of Worship are unchanged regarding capacity, with all other protective measures in place to ensure safety of the congregation”. 

One of these protective measures is the requirement for 2 metres physical distancing between people, or between a group of people  that live in the same house and others. It is this distancing that imposes limits on the number of people in church.

So, if planning a wedding, funeral, or any other service in either of our churches in Kilgeever parish, until this requirement is changed numbers will be severely limited as at present.

Prevention of COVID 19

Anybody with any covid, flu-like, or cold-like symptoms, cough, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, temperature, lack of smell etc. should not attend church but should isolate and phone their G.P. for advice and seek a PCR test.

You must isolate while waiting for PCR test results.

It is absolutely essential that everyone attending Mass or services in church must wear a mask covering nose & mouth at all times. Not to do so disrespects the health and life of all others in church.

Please use the hand sanitisers on entry to the church. Remember:

Wear a mask.      

Keep distance.

Avoid crowds.    

 Open windows.

Wash hands.