Advisory Committee Meeting 28/07/2020

Published on July 29, 2020

A meeting of the parish advisory committee was held in Killeen Church last night, 28 July 2020.
A check list for the framework document was discussed and it was agreed that all conditions to reopen have been fulfilled.
This includes:
-establishing & training covid 19 committee
-organising stewards and cleaners.
-putting physical distancing signs in place.
-capacity notice to be included in newsletter and facebook page.
-explicit signing to be erected in foyer of churches.
-face masks will be mandatory.

We are delighted to say that everyone will be welcome to attend Mass.
There was lengthy discussion about how this can be done fairly and it was concluded that the best way to achieve this is on first come first served basis to a capacity of 50, observing physical distancing, including staff.
In addition, people can listen on the webcam in their cars in the car park with Communion available at the end of Mass, ie people will be invited to walk through the church at the end of Mass to receive Communion.
Envelopes and contributions can be left in basket at end of church.
Safety for all is a priority, at all times.
In the case of anyone becoming sick, others will be moved away, and the person will be moved and relevant area will be sanitised.
Masks will be mandatory in the interests of keeping everyone safe.
People over 70 and those with underlying health conditions are strongly advised not to attend church. As difficult as this sounds, it is in line with public health guidelines.
It is important to stress that there continues to be no obligation to attend Mass during this pandemic.
We plan on opening the Churches of the parish for Sunday Mass on a trial basis on 9th August, with Mass in Killeen at 10.00 am and Louisburgh 11.30am.
Two stewards will be present in Killeen and three in Louisburgh, Stewards will lead people to their seats and people are asked to respect the advice of stewards, who are volunteers and who are looking after the safety of all.
The cooperation of all for the good and safety of all is the only way this will work.
We look forward to welcoming you back to public worship in Killeen & Louisburgh churches.